What are the requirements for a recipient?

The recipient only needs a web browser. This can be a web browser on a desktop or on a mobile device.

Can I change the color scheme of the Webmail Messenger portal?

Yes you can change the color scheme and logo’s from the Admin GUI page.

Do I need the Gateway to use Webmail Messenger?

No Webmail Messenger can run in stand-alone mode. In stand-alone mode, all email received by Webmail Messenger is handled as email for a Webmail recipient. This means that if a recipent does not have an account yet, an invite will be sent.

Unless you want all email to be handled as Webmail Messenger email, your company mail server should only relay email to Webmail Messenger if the email should be protected. There should therefore be a rule which determines that an email should be protected with Webmail Messenger. If you use the gateway, the gateway will be responsible for making this decision. If you use Webmail Messenger in stand-alone mode, you need some other mechanism. For example if you use Office 365, you can setup a rule which will only relay the email to Webmail Messenger if the subject contains a specific keyword (for example #secure).

Is Webmail Messenger an on-premises or a cloud based application?

That is up to you. Webmail Messenger is under your control. You can install it on-premises, in a private cloud or in the public cloud. You can manage it yourself or you can have it managed by someone else.

If I use Webmail Messenger in add-on mode, I need to setup an S/MIME connection between the gateway and Webmail Messenger. Why is that?

If the rules on the gateway determine that an email must be protected with Webmail Messenger, a special control email is sent to Webmail Messenger. This control email contains the original email as an attachment and some additional meta information. The control email is S/MIME signed and then encrypted and then sent to Webmail Messenger via email. The receiving Webmail Messenger will decrypt the email and validate the S/MIME signature. If the signature is correct, Webmail Messenger will further handle the email. The main benefit of this setup is that Webmail Messenger can be hosted in a completely different security zone. The only requirement is that the gateway can deliver an email to Webmail Messenger.

Can I use the community edition of the gateway with Webmail Messenger?

This is only supported if you use Webmail Messenger is stand-alone mode.

Does Webmail Messenger support 2-factor authentication?

Yes 2-factor authentication is supported. A recipient can select between 2-factor authentication via SMS Text or using a TOTP token (for example using Google Authenticator).

Are emails stored on Webmail Messenger indefinitely?

By default yes. However we strongly advise to automatically delete emails after some time using the “Auto cleanup” feature. If email is not automatically deleted after some time, the system might run out of disk space.

Does Webmail Messenger support PDF encryption?

Yes Webmail Messenger supports PDF encryption. However only the “One Time Password” password mode is supported. If you need to the other PDF password modes, like for for example static password mode, you need to use the gateway.

Does Webmail Messenger support Let’s Encrypt?

Yes. Webmail Messenger contains a Let’s Encrypt module with which you can automatically request, configure and renew a proper TLS certificate for the Web GUI and SMTP server.