CipherMail mentioned in Technavio publication

/ Martijn Brinkers

CipherMail was mentioned in the Technavio publication on the global secure email gateway market from 2019-2023.

A key factor driving the growth of the market is data loss prevention capabilities. Many email gateway solutions help in DLP. DLP is extremely critical in a corporate environment as it helps prevent the leakage of sensitive information from the corporate network. The DLP component of an SEG uses business rules to classify and protect confidential information to ensure that unauthorized users do not share data, which can be a threat to the organization. For example, CipherMail offers a DLP solution that is integrated with its CipherMail Email Encryption Gateway.

The DLP solution monitors and filters the email body content; and also allows users to specify keywords and sentences that an outgoing mail should not contain. In times of rule violations, an email can be blocked, or the tool offers an option to notify a manager. These preventive features are expected to expand the market growth in the future.

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