About us

We are bringing email encryption to everyone that needs it, in a transparent, cost-efficient way

Privately owned
Founded in 2008
Based in Amsterdam
Used by SMB and Fortune 500 companies

Our vision

CipherMail provides email security products that allow organizations worldwide to protect their email against unauthorized access, both in transit and at rest. We believe firmly in open source software. Our engineers are frequent contributors to a number of open source software projects. By making our source code available, our clients can verify the reliability and correctness of our software. By providing commercial support, we give you the choice, confidence, and control necessary to mitigate any problems while maximizing cost savings.

CipherMail's products are used by various commercial and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. This includes banks, lawyers, pension funds, government agencies and health care providers. While we would like to tell the world which companies and organizations are using our products, we are aware that this information is sensitive by nature. We will therefore only provide customer references on request.

No vendor lock-in

We use open Internet standards. The Gateway can exchange encrypted email with similar solutions from competing companies.


The encryption core module is open source and available online for download and inspection.

Security for all

The community edition is a fully functional encryption gateway that can be used at no cost.

Not the biggest, but the best

We are fully focused on email security and try to create the best balance between security and user experience.